Traits of a good auto mechanic

Knows about various car parts.

This is perhaps the most basic quality that every auto mechanic should have. Many different auto parts are available in the market today. And because we as car owners do not necessarily have sufficient knowledge of vehicle parts, we are inevitably dependent on the expertise of our mechanics. A simple trick to knowing if your chosen auto specialist really knows their business is to ask them to distinguish a few parts and see if they’re answering your question confidently or just getting their bearings.

Diverse background on automotive repair experiences.

Years ago when the brands of our vehicles were much simpler, any mechanic would have been fine. But with today’s highly technological and complex vehicles, including family sedans, sports and luxury cars, SUVs and pickup trucks, we need someone with a diverse background in automotive repair. Mistakes have no place in car repairs as they only make things more expensive. Choose a mechanic who has certifications from training programs and courses they have attended. The time that the mechanic spends both in the study and in the practice of car repair is very beneficial for us car owners.

ASE certified as an automotive repair professional.

Speaking of certifications, perhaps the most well-known and recognized when it comes to professionals in the automotive industry is the ASE certification. Annually, an estimated 100,000 automotive technicians sit ASE certification exams in May and November at over 750 locations.

With an ASE certification we can be sure that our mechanic has a good background in all automotive services as an ASE certification is a minimum of two years in addition to passing a range of exams including engine repair, engine performance, electrical/electronic systems Work experience requires , brakes, heating and air conditioning, suspension and steering, manual powertrain and axles, and automatic transmissions for auto technicians only. There are separate tests for those who want to become collision repair technicians, engine mechanics, parts specialists, and others.

Additionally, all ASE certifications have expiration dates that require technicians to retest every five years to keep up with technology and remain certified.

Works at a reputable auto center.

Unfortunately, ASE certifications are only for individuals and not for auto centers. However, a car center with at least one ASE-certified mechanic may use the ASE mark. In addition, a car center that has 75% ASE-certified mechanics among its employees receives the ASE Blue Seal of Approval.

Aside from the ASE accreditation, other signs that we should be looking for an Auto Center are a neat and well organized facility with modern facilities, polite staff and good policies (regarding labor rates, diagnostic fees, warranties, etc.).

Highly recommended by family and friends.

Nothing can confirm the quality service that a car center and mechanic can provide than the testimonials from our family members, relatives and friends. Ask for references and recommendations. Local community organizations and business directories are also good sources of information.