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The latest news from the automotive industry says that Nissan has big plans. Just as the Indian auto market is heating up, one of the world’s largest automakers, Nissan, has made some big plans. Nissan Motor India Pvt. Lts. has opened a new company office. The location is T.Nagar, Chennal. The person at the head of the tour will be Kiminobu Tokuyama. Representatives from Nissan’s partnership Renault Nissan Automotive India Private were also present at the opening.

Nissan has big plans. One of them is the fact that by 2012 they will cover 85 percent of the Indian market. This will develop as a result of the proposed 11 works councils, which will be in place by the end of this year. This number is expected to increase to 55 dealers in two years.

Another lofty goal Nissan hopes to achieve is exports. Over the next year, the automaker plans to outsource $20 million worth of components and double that amount over two years. Along with this goal, Nissan plans to export cars. They plan to export to countries until they reach 100 worldwide.

According to auto industry news, Nissan will start production of the Global Compact car at its Indian plant next year. Nissan has made it clear that they plan to be a major player in the Indian market just as they have been in the United States and other countries. The compact car will be manufactured at the company’s new facility in India. The 10,000 square meter building offers 56 workplaces. Another goal is to almost double this number by next year. The new facility offers everything state-of-the-art. This, along with artistic interiors and open workspaces, will contribute to a culture that encourages openness and spreads friendships.

Nissan is proud to offer nine new models in India. The fact that they will be opening with this large number of models indicates that they are entering this new market that they know will be successful.

Nissan currently has 5.5 percent of the auto market. Their plans are to increase that number with the opening of additional Indian dealerships along with a lineup of new models. A hatchback built on the V platform will be the entry-level car in the Indian market. Nissan will also offer two other cars, one being a utility vehicle and the other being a sedan. They point out that initially there are no plans to offer the A segment.

Perhaps the competition will mainly be offered with the low-cost production of the compact model, while there will also be luxury cars. These are supplemented by lighter commercial vehicles. Just six months ago it wasn’t certain how the manufacturer would tackle the changing market. They have cleared any doubts from other manufacturers after announcing their future plans.