The difficulty levels of model car kits

Just like everything we do in life has different levels of mastery, so it is with model car kits. There are five levels of difficulty in total. However, two of them can reasonably fit into a narrow skill level. These levels are determined by the detail applied to the models you are trying to create. Read on to find out what skill level you are on!

Defining the first level

The first level is for beginners. Most beginners will need to stay at this level for about a month or two, depending on how many models you create. These models are already painted for you. So you don’t have to get dirty. The basic idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthese models is to learn how things fit together. Most of these just snap the pieces into place. If you were like me when I started, you just thought one piece could fit anywhere. They knew the car had front and back and four wheels. They use the method of peeling and applying the decals rather than the ones that require you to use water. According to most websites, these kits are for young people or for those who haven’t done models in a while.

Level two models

The second level differs in a few ways. This level is recommended for people over the age of ten. Most of them come as plain white pieces; so on this level; you start painting Here they tell you how many pieces are in the box and this adds more detail. This is also the level where glue is needed. There are also so-called Waterslide stickers that are more lifelike.

stage three

Level three is about as hard as levels four and five. There are more versions of the model than just the ones the company illustrates. So don’t be alarmed if the box contains more parts than the instructions tell you. Another thing they add to these kits is color schemes. You mix colors and so on starting in this level. Don’t attempt this skill if you’re not familiar with the basics because let’s face it, you’re just wasting your money.

The top levels

Levels four and five are merged. At this level you will start tinkering with the engine and also adding details to the interior. The higher the level you reach, the more work you will put into it. All levels have some kind of age limit. However, this is exactly what they think is appropriate to start using the kit. It takes into account the fumes from glue, paint, etc., the skills required in each level, and so on. What matters, however, is how comfortable you are with what you are doing. Some people get it really easy, so they fly through skill levels one and two; while some stay at level one just to make sure they get the basics down before going into detail. Just find out which level you feel ready for. Don’t think too big.