Possible reasons for car keys not working

Oh! snap. My car key doesn’t work. Have you ever experienced this situation? If not, then you must be lucky, but those who do face it know it’s one of those worthwhile nightmares they don’t want to face again. Being locked out of the car or being unable to start the car can cause panic because you don’t know what to do or who to call. A car locksmith is the only one who can save you from this situation.

Here’s what the auto locksmith has to say when you find your car keys aren’t working.

The problem isn’t the key, it’s the lock
One of the most common reasons people need new car keys is that they break at the key’s step while in a lock. The lock is most likely broken, causing the key to splinter when pressure is applied while turning. Due to the widespread use of fobs, most keys in current vehicles do not experience these types of forces.

Key must be damaged
Damaged keys are another common reason for malfunctioning car keys. When most people think of broken keys, they picture a key that has broken into two or more pieces. However, this picture is absolutely wrong. A broken key usually indicates that the grooves on the key have worn out. The lock will no longer function properly if these grooves lose their shape. Since the grooves of the key are connected to the internal mechanism, this is the case.

Fob batteries are worn out
This is a typical problem that does not require the assistance of an automobile. Since the batteries in the key fob wear out over time, it is very easy to determine the source of the problem. If you notice that your car is not receiving effective signals from your key fob, you should replace the batteries immediately.

The ignition cylinder is defective
Car keys are designed to work with the vehicle’s ignition. Since they are not designed to operate on their own, any failure in the parts that connect to the buttons will cause your buttons to malfunction. The ignition cylinder is a critical component associated with your car keys, so any problem with it will result in a problem with your car keys.

Is your key a duplicate?
If you use the copy of the key made by the car mechanic, your key may not work. Even a well made copy of one is still a copy of the original key and not the original key! So it is obvious that it may have tiny flaws. These slight errors will be noticed as a deviation from the original key, they would easily distinguish you from the original key.

If you still have no alternative but to use the copy, you can make the copy from the original key and not make the copy!