How Car Sellers Can Get Unlimited Free Car Sales Leads Fast

It’s not that hard to get unlimited free automotive leads if you do it right and you know what you’re doing. With hundreds of millions of Google searches for cars and trucks every month, you now have the ability to connect with many potential customers quickly and easily.

Get your information out there

You can reach thousands of prospects each month by putting your contact information in front of them when they’re looking for an automobile to buy. That means you need to find a way to show your contact information on the pages they search, rather than your competitors’ information. If they see your name instead of theirs, they will call you or come by and see you instead of the competition.

Because of search engine changes in 2011, you can now dominate your local search market for new and used cars and trucks. This is because Google and others are now returning search engine results based on local markets and local geographic areas. This is good for smaller local businesses. That means you now have the opportunity to become #1 in your market online.

How to get a #1 ranking

To rank first on Google and all other search engines, you need to have a plan to list your name and contact information in enough places that Google can’t ignore you. Every time your name comes up anywhere online, that’s a vote for you to be #1, and the car dealership with the most votes will be ranked #1. We do this through an internet literacy program that includes every type of website you can think of including blogs, forums, other local websites, business directories, articles, press releases, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

As soon as we do that, Google notices and thinks you have a good website and dealership because you’re mentioned so many times in so many different places. How many other web citations and references are needed depends on how competitive your market is.

Trying to be #1 for all new and used car searches in a big city will take more time and work than it would in a small town. With our dominance system, we’ve found that we can get a car dealership to number 1 even in a big city.

your time slot

What’s in your favor right now is the fact that most of your competitors aren’t aware of all the changes in local search rankings. This gives you a chance to rank #1 pretty quickly now, at least in your own city.

We’ve found that with the right help from an expert, you can shoot to the top not only on Google, but on all other search engines, including YouTube and other Google websites. The problem is that many internet marketing companies are still using methods that worked a year or two ago but no longer work. To become #1 in your market, you need to get leads from many different websites, forums, directories, and blogs, not just Google.

Massive online presence

The approach that works for local internet dominance is to have a massive online presence, and to achieve that we invented something called The Massive Lead Machine for car sales. This not only gives you a top ranking, but also a continuous, unlimited number of free auto leads from the Internet. The Massive Lead Machine manages to put your company name and contact information in thousands of web locations, so people searching for vehicles online will always see your name and will call you or stop by for a test drive.

Positive online reviews

Not only that, we have also created a system to get your business lots of positive online reviews and lots of positive comments on discussion sites. This is how the most valuable form of advertising is created – word of mouth. And not only does this work better than expensive paid ads, but it’s also free once you have a Massive Lead Machine working for you and generating unlimited internet leads.

Dominate your market

All of this online advertising and word of mouth, along with links, reviews, quotes, and top search engine rankings, will allow you to truly dominate your local auto and truck sales market.