Choosing a Career for Life – Healthcare Industry vs. Automotive Industry

Choosing a career is an important goal for every individual. Most of us want to make a decision that will last forever. When we delve into one area or another, it’s the long-term benefits that help us make our final decision on which career path to pursue. The following tips will help you decide which career in your life interests you most when you think of healthcare versus automotive.

As a healthcare provider, you provide your services for the benefit of society and people. Healthcare offers many opportunities from working in hospitals and clinical settings to home care. There are often perks and competitive salary packages for healthcare professionals. These advantages often make the healthcare industry the ideal choice. The automotive industry also offers a wide range of opportunities. You can be involved in the development and production of vehicle components. This way you can become part of new technologies when it comes to the cars we all drive. There is also the sales side of the automotive industry, which allows you to offer service and a product to people.

When considering making a choice like a career for life, it’s important to think about the characteristics and benefits of your areas of interest. Below is a list of features and benefits to help you make the choice between healthcare and automotive.

Help society: A healthcare professional has the ability to care for a large number of people. Extending that helping hand to society is not only rewarding but also gratifying. In the automotive field, on the other hand, it’s about making a better product and selling it at a high price. More often than not, bottom line profit is more important than customer satisfaction. Additionally, working to develop new designs and keeping up with the latest technology can make for a stressful work environment.

Training programs: Considering the different levels of healthcare positions, you can choose a program that specializes in the area that interests you most. Once you have completed an apprenticeship program and have your diploma or certificate in hand, you are ready to launch your career. In the automotive industry, training often takes place within the industry. The training usually lasts 12 to 24 months. You will be trained in different subjects and then you can choose the area you want to specialize in.

Education levels: A career in healthcare typically requires less than 4 years of college education unless your goal is to become a doctor or naturopath. There are several areas in the field where you start working as soon as you graduate from high school. In the automotive industry, you aim for a 4-year college education to be in the best paying positions. There are few chances for the high school graduate.

Choosing a career for life based on the characteristics and benefits above can help you make an informed decision. When comparing healthcare to automotive, healthcare is certainly a more rewarding and achievable choice.