The best tips before buying a used car

If you want to buy a used car, you can follow the tips in this article. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to buy the perfect used car for your needs. This will also help you avoid some common mistakes before making a purchase. Read on to find out more.

1: Check your budget

When you take out a loan to buy your car, you typically make sure your car payment is no more than 10% of what you take home with you. If you’re already on a tight budget, we recommend spending even less.

The problem with used cars is that they require more attention than new cars. You may need to change tires and perform maintenance more frequently. Apart from that, there are other running costs that you have to pay like insurance and fuel.

2: Make a list of the used vehicles you want

If you have a few favorite brands, we encourage you to make a list of them. Top brands are expensive, so buying a top brand used car will require you to put a little extra money aside.

That being said, if you’re looking to save money, we recommend expanding your brand list. Ideally, you should create a list of at least 5 cars that fall within your budget and have all the features you want.

3: Check the prices

Depending on where you want to buy a used car, prices can vary. Check websites that sell used cars. On this website you can use the filter to make the website show vehicles based on many factors like price, brand, features and other things.

Also give you a pretty good idea of ​​what your desired vehicles are selling for. This will help you set a budget and make a better decision.

4: Request the vehicle history report

If you purchase your desired vehicle from a family member or close friend, you may not need to review the vehicle history report. However, if you’re buying it from a third party, we recommend you take a look at the vehicle history report.

These reports can give you important information about the vehicle. For example, the report can tell you if the odometer has been reset. You can also call up other important information using the vehicle identification number.

5: Contact the seller

Once you’ve found a good car, we recommend that you don’t just go out and look at it. Instead, you need to contact the seller. This will help you establish a relationship with the seller and get the information needed for verification.

They can tell you over the phone if the vehicle has mechanical problems. Aside from that, a phone call will help you make sure the car hasn’t been sold yet. This can help you save a lot of time.

6: Take the vehicle for a test drive

Test driving the car will help you make sure it’s the best car you want. Apart from that, it helps you to assess the condition of the car much better. Driving the car for a few minutes will give you a pretty good idea of ​​whether to give it a try or keep looking for a better one.

In a nutshell, we recommend you follow these tips before you buy your first used car. By following these steps you will be on the safe side and will make a much better purchasing decision.

Misleading ads and car dealership activities – as pervasive as ever

You hear them every day on the radio and TV. Some have outrageous ads and sales pitches. “Push, pull or pull your trade for a minimum trade of $4000”, “Best price in the world!” “Best bumper-to-bumper warranty ever – we cover it all.” “Repo’d car sale today.” Bet you didn’t know that these ads can and are very misleading and illegal.

According to Leslie Anderson, AAA, deceptive advertising and marketing by car dealers has increased in recent years. Auto dealers resort to gray market sales tactics and ads in a struggling economy. Many of these ads are either borderline or even illegal. With all the publicity in recent years about fraud and illegal business activity by companies from every state, you would think most states would have tightened their laws and started cracking down on bad car dealers. Only one state, New York, has actually done anything.

There are already laws on the books making many of these ads and the like illegal, but few states will even investigate these activities. If you do a push, pull, or drag sale in New York, chances are you’ll be fined. The thinking behind New York law is that if you promise someone a fixed amount for their vehicle, that should not be included in the rebate or surcharge of the newer replacement vehicle. This is misleading advertising. And yet, in North Carolina and South Carolina, I keep hearing the same ads on the radio and television with even higher promised amounts. Then there is the issue of express and implied warranties.

Express and implied warranties are actually covered by federal law. Every car dealership must have a state-approved warranty statement in the window. This is to show if there is a warranty and what is actually covered. This happened because there have been too many discrepancies in the past, when car salespeople blurred the line of what is really covered and what isn’t. On a recent drive from North Carolina to South Carolina, I saw 11 used car dealerships that didn’t have them in their windows – we found one had them in the glove box. When we asked the seller why it wasn’t in the window, he said it wasn’t necessary. In New York these are prominently displayed at every car dealership you drive past or visit.

Then you have the usual lies – car dealers announcing a buyback sale, cream puffs, etc. They will lie about the provenance of cars, just like a recent Carfax ad. Oh, that was just a minor fender scratch (complete repaint after a 50 mph crash) or new upholstery (due to a flood and full submersion). These repossession sales, like Repo Joe, are doing a media blitz claiming they have all the repossessed vehicles for a great purchase. Although they probably don’t even have a repossessed car that’s for sale. Most car dealers source their cars either from dealers or from local auctions.

Despite what they claim, they most likely don’t know the vehicle’s history. You cannot even rely on Carfax 100% as many vehicles are repaired without full disclosure of residual values ​​or even repair history. A Carfax report is only as good as the information actually entered into the system. Before you rely on that Carfax or what the dealer says is the car story, listen to this — Tennessee attorneys Frank Watson and David McLaughlin allege that Carfax’s ads promise more than they can deliver. “Carfax hides the limitations of its database,” says Watson. “People think they have a little insurance policy on their carfax report, and that’s just not correct,” says McLaughlin. Carfax is an online company that searches databases for a vehicle’s history and claims to be “your best protection against buying a used car with costly, hidden problems.” However, critics say online reporting companies fall short in many accidents. A class-action lawsuit against Carfax alleges that the company has no access to police accident data in 23 states.

This article should be a wake-up call for car buyers to be more aware of scams, lies and falsehoods from car dealers. It should also be a warning to states from Oregon to Florida that more needs to be done to curb poor auto sales tactics. Most car dealerships are not small mom and pop organizations. They’re big million or billion dollar companies that will do anything to make a buck. They even cross borders or blur what is legal and what is not. And according to a major dealership in Charlotte, North Carolina, who for obvious reasons didn’t want his name or dealership mentioned – “It’s all about the bottom line, and if we get caught, our attorneys are there for that.” According to another auto dealer, “It’s a buyer’s market: Buyers have to be careful and also be detectives.”

The Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator could Mount the 717 hp Hellcat Engine

The Jeep Wrangler is one of those charismatic cars that could not be more, a pure off-road vehicle that remains faithful to its fundamental principles and that with the recently presented Gladiator will have a spectacular open box pick-up version, longer but just as 4×4.

Developed versions of these two off-road vehicles tend to focus on just that, offroad driving, but a version with more visceral aspirations embedding the Hellcat’s V8 engine could be on the way.

Yes, you read that right. Within Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the possibility of launching an amphetamined version of the Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator had been being considered, check this 9 inch Jeep jl headlights, awesome headlights for Jeep JL and Gladiator, equipping the large SUVs with the 6.2-liter V8 engine from the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, that is, with no less than 717 CV .

The information comes from within the brand itself because Tim Kuniskis, head of Jeep in North America, has stated that the engine of the Challenger SRT Hellcat goes “like a glove” to the engine vain of the Wrangler and Gladiator. This statement is very risky for a project that was to come to nothing.

And it is that we already know the American tastes and it is enough that there is enough space under the hood to house a much more powerful engine than the one equipped as standard, but there is a serious problem. If the brand introduced the Hellcat block in the Jeep, which fits, it would not leave space for the necessary impact absorption zones, so Kuniskis himself would be ruling out a high-performance Wranglar/Gladiator at the same time.

But this does not necessarily mean that Jeep will not release a powered version of the Gladiator (and the Wrangler incidentally). In fact, the firm would be working on giving its pick-up a new direction, which for the moment will be equipped with a maximum of a 3.6-liter V6 engine and a power of less than 300 CV.

Let’s remember that Jeep has already done the same with the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk capable of launching itself to 100 km/h from a standstill in 3.5 seconds, finishing the quarter mile in 11.6 seconds and reaching a top speed of 290 km/h while burn gasoline by buckets.

Something is up to FCA, we just need to know what. It could be a turbocharged V6, a forced-aspirated inline-six… To order we’d ask for a V8, but someone beat FCA because a Hellcat-powered Wrangler already went on sale for almost $300,000 a few months ago.

Best car accident attorney in Brooklyn

Do you need a lawyer for your car accident?

If you’re driving legally and you’ve had a car accident, your insurance company will take care of everything, right? Not necessarily. Your insurance company has an interest in protecting your assets and paying out as little as possible in the event of an accident. You’re in the risk management business, which is why your rates usually go up after an accident. If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Brooklyn, you may need your own attorney to help represent your wants and needs when it comes time to settle things.

Several insurance companies

It can happen that several insurance companies are involved in the claims process, which can lead to delays and even the rejection of the claim by your insurance company or one of the others. In this case, you need the Maniatis Law team to provide you with the support you need to achieve a fair settlement of your case. This team can step in and provide the expertise needed to ensure the different insurance companies can come together and draw the right conclusion for your claim.

Uninsured driver

Unfortunately, there are many drivers on the road who do not have the necessary insurance with them when driving. This puts you in the precarious position of having to rely on your own insurance company to pay for the damage required. Sometimes your own business hesitates even if you pay for uninsured motorist coverage as part of your insurance coverage. Having your own attorney by your side can make it easier to process your claim, file a lawsuit against the motorist who should have been insured but wasn’t, and put pressure on your insurance company to pay out your claim.

find mistakes

If you’re driving in Brooklyn and have been involved in a car accident, the first thing to do is make sure everyone is safe and doesn’t need first aid. After that, you should report it to the police. Unfortunately, there are times when no police report is recorded, which can cause confusion. In other cases, a police report may not specifically state which driver was at fault. In this case, you should hire your own attorney to help you get the protection you need, with a voice on your side.

The Right Lawyer

Don’t just hire someone to cover for you if you’re in a car accident. Make sure you have a legal team willing to work hard to get the settlement you need. The Maniatis Law team will keep fighting and working to make your settlement reach the level it should. Let this team be the right thing by your side bringing your car accident to the solution. Your car accident need not weigh you down, let this team of lawyers bring your claim to a positive resolution.

Car Dealer Gifts – Use gifts to build relationships with your customers

There is strong competition from other dealers and independent service shops. With all the money retailers spend to attract and keep customers, a gift is a small and very effective investment that speaks directly to your customer base on an individual level that cannot be easily forgotten or ignored.

Many new car dealerships know that a gift basket or gift to a new buyer makes sense. It’s a pleasant introduction to your business and enhances the overall experience. However, there are other ways to use gifts to build relationships. A few examples: a service customer who has had a bad experience, a sales customer who is celebrating their annual purchase anniversary, and your twenty most loyal owners who spend heavily over a long period of time. The latter are a group that is already spending money in your store. They don’t need big discounts to keep coming back, but they would appreciate a small token of your appreciation and respond well to it. The disgruntled service customer is likely to fill out a customer satisfaction survey. Once their problem is solved, why not surprise and delight with an unexpected gesture of goodwill? Product issues or glitches may be out of your control, but you can fix the relationship. As for the sales customer who already owns the car, maintaining that relationship increases the likelihood that that customer will buy their next vehicle from your store. Even a good parts wholesaler could be rewarded for coming to the dealer instead of ordering parts online or from the independent dealer.

The gifts you choose don’t have to break the bank to be effective. For a new buyer, an elegantly decorated gift basket or champagne bucket with champagne flutes and a bottle of sparkling cider, cheese and crackers, and some delicious truffles can be found for between $50 and $75. You can add promotional items or even a “gift certificate” saying the first oil change is free. Here’s your chance to make sure your customer comes back to you for service. Your gift supplier can make recommendations that fit both the occasion and your budget. Ribbons can be imprinted with your company name and logo to keep your name in front of the customer. Lower-end items might include: chocolate molds to say “thank you from the ABC dealer,” or a gourmet cookie or cake mold with your company name and logo on the lid.

A small, local gift company may serve you better than a large chain or discount store for several reasons:

  • A stale or poorly presented gift has the opposite effect
  • Better service and face-to-face meetings as needed
  • Individual gifts and fresh ideas
  • These are creative people who use gifts to market their own business – look for ideas on using themes, slogans, incorporating into your advertising, giveaways for local marketing events, or how to use gifts to say about unusual holidays like Valentine’s Day “We love our customers”
  • Unique products created just for you
  • All the extras that make a gift special – hand tied bows, personalization, beautiful packaging
  • You save shipping and delivery costs

Auto Accident Lawsuits in Texas

Coping with a car accident through no fault of your own can be a traumatizing and costly experience that can have potentially debilitating effects on your physical, mental, and financial well-being. Given that personal injury cases in Texas have a two-year statute of limitations, it is vital to take care of your situation in a timely and efficient manner.

Knowing your rights and discussing your situation with a qualified attorney will make this process much easier and less stressful, allowing you to focus on getting your life back on track.

types of car accidents

There are many different types of accidents in which personal injury can be claimed as a result of someone else’s negligence or carelessness. Some of the most common accidents in Texas are:

– Low speed impact

– Accident with rear impact

– Frontal impact

– Side/T-Bone collisions

– Uninsured traffic accidents

– Whiplash car accident injuries

– Broken roads

– DUI / drunk driver accidents

– 18 wheeled/semi-trailer accidents

– Accidents with injured passengers

The offender acts as negligent in these situations if he is speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, using a mobile phone, not paying attention or avoiding dangers on the road, or if he is unable to adapt to the road condition.

Car Accident Complaint Procedure

After consulting with a personal injury attorney, he or she files a petition in Texas Civil Court alleging that the other driver was at fault and liable for your damage. The only way to recover the damage is to prove that the other driver or participant acted negligently. A Texas negligence claim includes the following elements:

– Duty – The victim must be able to prove to the defendant that he owed him a duty to behave appropriately when operating his motor vehicle. This is a general duty and is required of every driver driving in Texas.

– Infringement – The victim must also prove that the defendant breached their duty by failing to use reasonable care in operating their vehicle.

– Causality – The victim must prove that the accused’s behavior was the actual and proximate cause of the resulting injuries.

– Damages – The victim must have suffered some type of injury resulting from the negligent or reckless acts (or inactions) of the accused.

Texas law requires that the plaintiff must be able to prove all of these elements through a preponderance of evidence. The burden of proof on the plaintiff is quite light as only 51% of the evidence needs to be in the plaintiff’s favor to win. This is considered comparative negligence and is the civil procedure followed by Texas and most other states.

Regarding the specific damages, Chapter 41 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code defines the types that are allowable in the state for an auto accident claim. Includes pecuniary damages (damages for actual pecuniary loss), moral damages (damages for physical pain), exemplary damages (punitive damages for the defendant if he acted with gross negligence), and damages (other economic and non-economic damages that may be rewarded).

Pursuant to Section 16.003(a) of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, the statute of limitations allows you to bring legal action for an automobile accident or property damage up to two years after the event. The same period (2 years) also applies to people who have suffered physical damage in the car accident.

8 things you should do after a car accident

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you know it can be very scary! When it comes to dealing with insurance companies, you may be giving away rights you didn’t know you had. Here are 8 things you should do immediately after a car accident.

Medical emergency treatment: If you have not already seen a doctor, you should do so immediately if you experience pain or physical difficulties. Make sure you give the doctor, hospital, or medical facility your auto insurance card so they can properly bill your PIP (Personal Injury Protection Benefits) policy.

photographs: If possible, take photos of the scene of the accident and the damage to the cars. Have these images saved or developed immediately. This is particularly important in the event of accidents where fault may be involved.

witnesses: Get the names, addresses and phone numbers of car accident witnesses. This cannot be stressed enough! Also, you should not discuss the facts of the accident with the witness except to get their contact information. You don’t want to appear as if you had an undue influence on their version of what they saw.

Doctor’s note: If work causes difficulty, significant discomfort or pain, you should ask your treating physician for a temporary work restriction. If your doctor has told you that the choice to work is yours, then you should not work if the work causes you pain or significant discomfort.

Declarations to insurance companies: Do not discuss the case with anyone or give any statements until you have spoken to an attorney. You should be aware that you may be required to make a declaration to your own insurance company as required by your policy. So don’t wait until you call a licensed attorney in your state. If you have been contacted by an insurance company, it is extremely important that you get the name, mailing address, telephone and fax number of the adjuster who will be handling your claim. Then tell the expert that you will consult a lawyer and that lawyer will get in touch with the expert.

Damage report: If your car was damaged in the accident, have the car inspected by a reputable body shop as soon as possible after photos of the damage are taken.

Documents: Gather all the documents related to your case such as medical bills, doctor’s orders, prescriptions, receipts, and accident reports.

main task: Your main job is to make yourself comfortable and recover from your injuries. Let your lawyer take care of the legal details of your case. Your physical recovery is the most important thing.

Eight things your car dreams might want to show you

With the proliferation of motor vehicles traveling across the face of this earth, it should come as no surprise that these gas-guzzling, smog-generating necessities cruise through our dreams from time to time. I can almost guarantee that people used to dream of their horses or chariots and before that their feet. And I dare to bet that in the future, humanity will probably dream of their aerocars and jetpacks. Our vehicles have become almost as indispensable in today’s society as electricity and domestic installations.

According to the dictionary, a vehicle is: 1) Any means in or by which anyone travels or anything is carried or carried; a means of conveyance or transport: a motor vehicle; spacecraft. 2) A medium of transmission or passage: Air is the carrier of sound. 3) A carrier from infection. 4) A medium of communication, expression, or display. 5) A means to achieve an end. In dreams, your car or vehicle can represent each of these meanings much more.

Many dream researchers, through studying thousands of dreams, have concluded that cars (vehicles) most commonly represent:

1. The vehicle or means by which you move through life’s journey. Are you stuck in a rut or is life passing you by?

2. A general warning regarding a car accident or incident, depending of course on the content of the dream. For example, if you have a dream about your car stalling, then maybe you should check your engine instead of worrying about an accident.

3. How you deal with life’s problems. For example, if you dream of a speeding car, it may indicate that you are in a hurry or that you are forcing a problem.

4. Often a vehicle represents the physical body and its condition. What condition is the vehicle in? Is everything broken, or is it shiny and new? Is he running out of gas or ready to fall apart?

5. A car (or vehicle) can also symbolize your way of thinking or ideas. Is the car old and outdated? Having trouble steering or stopping? Is that old antique (antiquated belief or idea) still sitting in your garage?

6. Very often a car (or vehicle) represents your deep (often unacknowledged) drives and ambitions… what drives you, what motivates you. Examine the rest of the dream for more clues about what’s under the hood, so to speak.

7. Today your car may represent your status or social standing. But of course you have to decide if that’s what it represents for you. Some dreamers don’t care about these issues at all, while others are very sensitive to them.

8. Finally, a car can represent your self-control, or lack thereof. Who drives the vehicle? How is the car driven, irregular, dangerous, slow? Does the vehicle slip and slide or do donuts in a parking lot?

There are a variety of different situations and images involving cars (or vehicles in general) that you can find in your dreams. To learn more about what your dream car is trying to tell you and to understand what drives your life.

What to look for in a used car loan

Many young people could not afford their first car if used car financing did not exist. You just don’t have the money to buy the car right away. Luckily, it is not difficult to get such financing at very competitive interest rates. All you have to do is do your research and follow these simple steps.

As you browse through the used car listings, you are bound to come across what looks like an absolutely fantastic auto loan availability from the auto dealers themselves. You will see zero percent offers, low payment offers that seem too good to be true. Of course they are! These ads are designed to mislead you into applying and ending up getting a loan at 10 to 18 percent over standard rates! Yes, there are interest-free offers, but only if you have a good credit rating. Most used car buyers don’t fall into this category. In general, the interest rates for used car loans exceed those for new cars by several percentage points on average.

One way to mitigate these costs is to get your loan through a dedicated finance company rather than the dealership or your regular bank. These institutions generally have more liberal lending policies. However, each lender requires proof of the value of the car and a 20 percent down payment. This is normal and should not be considered a suspicious request. Both regulations are intended to give the lender a safety margin in the event that the loan defaults. In this case, the lender’s only recourse is the security, i.e. the car. So of course they have a vested interest in knowing that you didn’t overpay for the car and that at least 20 percent of its value will be preserved even if the default occurs immediately. This is even an advantage for you. Someone will look over your shoulder at the transaction, making sure it is a respectable deal and priced for the vehicle in its current condition and condition.

Before you apply for your financing, carry out a credit check on your person. This will help you determine what you should be able to afford and what should be offered. Sometimes, before you really get started, you may find that a used car loan isn’t affordable for you. This can be due to low credit, inability to meet down payment requirements, or insurance concerns. It is important to know this because online institutions will entice you with daily deals. Don’t fall for it! Despite their dire warnings about the offer expiring, these lenders will be here for you tomorrow with another fantastic offer! Wait until you are happy with the amount and terms. It’s not worth the devastation a loan default can have on your credit history to take now if you are unsure of your ability to repay it as required.

Another precaution with car loans and other financial transactions – keep all your paperwork in order. If you got the loan online, print it all out and keep it in a safe place. Never sign anything you do not fully understand. Ask questions until you understand. Talk to a third party for a different perspective. It is your responsibility to protect your own interests. Don’t expect the lender to do this for you. This mindset has led to the current mortgage crisis in the United States.

One final piece of advice: once you get your used car loan, you should look into refinancing, especially if you weren’t able to get zero to three percent interest. Refinance sites usually have calculators that you can use to calculate your total savings. If you can get a percentage point under your current contract, it’s worth it.

Car recycling – what that can mean for you

There are two types of car liquidation: voluntary and mandatory. A voluntary liquidation is when a dealership agrees to sell its cars at a liquidation auction. There are several reasons why a voluntary car auction would take place. For one, when a company is struggling, it may decide to auction off its goods early enough so it can pay off its debt before things get out of hand. A person who is in debt for a vehicle may find themselves in a situation where they can no longer pay for the car. In this case, they can choose to voluntarily have their car sold at auction, hoping to sell it for enough to pay off the loan.

A forced liquidation occurs when a company or individual is forced to participate in this auction. This type of auto-liquidation is usually court-ordered, meaning they have no choice but to get involved. For example, if a car dealership goes out of business or files for bankruptcy, the cars are liquidated and auctioned off. Vehicles that are impounded or recovered by criminals such as drug dealers are sold at car liquidation auctions.

What does a car liquidation Auction means to you? Why would it be beneficial to know when these auctions take place? Most of these cars are in good condition. Many of them have great warranties and are sold at a low price, which means big savings for anyone in the new or used car market. It would be easy for you to check the history of any of these cars you are interested in. All you need to do is VIN number to get history via Autofax. Then you have all the information you need to make a good decision about the car you want to buy. Basically, it means you can get a good, reliable car at a really cheap price.