car accident statistics

Car accident statistics show that at least four people involved in car accidents die every hour. These accidents may be due to the fault of the driver, the other driver, or a faulty vehicle. What is important is the number of deaths that occur each day, excluding those involved in car accidents and serious personal injuries.

The main causes of car accidents are reckless and careless driving and alcohol. According to statistics, young people cause the most car accidents Inexperience combined with irresponsible behavior and a lack of attention to safety precautions are the main reasons for such a high number of car accidents among young people.

Another reason is driver inattention. Many people talk while driving, which can prove fatal because it distracts the driver from the road. Although hands-free cell phones are all the rage, the driver might not be able to focus on the road while on the phone. The best option would be to park and then answer the call or not answer the call at all while driving. These rules have already been implemented in a number of countries.

Inattention can also be caused by alcohol, drugs or driver distraction by in-car music. This could prove dangerous to other drivers on the road, causing them to either become distracted by reckless driving or cause side or rear collisions due to inattention. Such negligence can even cause a pile-up on the freeway and must be avoided at all costs.

Car accidents can be very traumatic and sometimes affect the person for the rest of their life. In addition to the physical injuries that can result from the accident, mental pressure can also arise. A few precautions can eliminate the likelihood of road accidents and create a safety net. It is recommended to obey traffic safety rules and not to drive while on the phone or while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.