At the forefront of the tire and automotive industry

The world turns to the tire and wheel industry for the latest and greatest in the automotive industry, including retreading. Customers in this industry need to educate themselves on what are the best machines for uniformity, dynamic balance and geometry.

In the automotive industry, tire and wheel assembly rooms combine all the functions needed to mount a tire on a rim and inspect it for defects before the customer buys it.

Uniformity in the automotive industry, analyzes force variations, runout and sidewall appearance in tire and wheel assemblies. Without proper inspection, these forces compromise tire integrity and automobile driveability could be drastically affected. To test for regularity, I suggest finding an experienced company that uses the ASTEC tire and wheel regularity machine.

Dynamic balancing measures tire and wheel assemblies based on static imbalance, pair and top and bottom plane imbalance. If this is not checked properly, the tires can jump, wobble and steer incorrectly. For balancing, I recommend the VTW Dynamic Tire and Wheel Balance System to test tires before mounting them on a car.

Geometry measurement systems provide a complete analysis of tire sidewall and tire tread width areas. By using geometry measurements, the tire should not have any defects such as B. bumps or depressions.

As a driver, our tires are expected to be inspected and ready to ride when they are brand new. The automotive test and measurement system is the preliminary process before it is sold to the drivers.

If you’re in this industry, you already have the experience and knowledge, the machines are probably already in the assembly shop. However, it is important to keep the machines up to date.

Education is also important. In every industry there is always more to learn, new technologies to make a given process more efficient. The TGIS-SL tire geometry inspection is the best geometry measuring machine. Education also involves understanding the terminology. For example, tire uniformity actually refers to non-uniformity, which is a quantitative measure of the variation in strength and runout within a tire.

I suggest doing some research every now and then to stay ahead of the competition. Who is the leading competitor? Research what they do. Why are you the leader? I would say it depends on the machines used and the customers. In every industry there is always a leader; at least keep up and stabilize yourself to be on top as well.