3 Important Tasks You Must Do Before Selling A Junk Car

Selling a junk car to a reputable buyer is a great way to make the most of a vehicle that no longer serves a purpose in your life. Whether you own an old work truck that suffered too much water damage to repair or a classic you never fixed, there’s a junk car buyer who will pay you cash right away, regardless of age, model or condition.

That’s the beauty of junk and junk car buyers; They accept anything motorized (or once motorized), no matter how damaged, broken or old. Often these buyers also accept other motorized goods and vehicles, such as motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, golf carts, construction equipment, tractors, combines, boats, jet skis and more.

If you have such valuable junk lying around your home, you are in a position to strike a lucrative deal with the right buyer. Just make sure you find a reputable company in your area. Once you’ve found the right buyer to work with, there are three important steps you need to take before you start selling junk cars. These are personal tasks that should be completed before you get your title in order and call a scrap car buyer. Read on to learn what they are!

Clean up all personal belongings

If you make the decision to sell your scrapped car, you need to make sure there are no personal items inside before handing it over to a buyer. Personal items include items such as blankets, clothing, music CDs, tools, supplies, air fresheners, chargers, GPS devices and anything else that did not come with the vehicle at the time of purchase. Personal items also include trash, so be sure to dump trash, debris, and trash. There is no need to clean, wipe or shampoo unless you want it to look good for sale.

Remove the license plate

Don’t forget to remove your license plate! This is a step that is often overlooked, especially when the decision to sell a junk car is made fairly quickly. In addition to your license plates, keep the important accompanying documents in your dashboard compartment. This includes registration, title, instruction manual and anything else that might be in it. Ultimately, you’ll need some of these documents to sell your junk car, so keep them handy.

Finish the fuel tank

Instead of filling up the fuel tank when selling a regular vehicle, you want to do the exact opposite when selling a junk car. This is actually helpful for the buyers as they need to drain all the liquids anyway. Before handing it over to the buyer of your choice, drive around and use up all the gas left in the tank. When your car isn’t drivable, siphon off the fuel and store it in approved fuel containers for later use in other vehicles or consumables like lawnmowers. Never suck off petrol with your mouth! It is important to use the right materials and techniques to avoid serious injury.