Personal Injury – Auto – Auto Accidents – Slips and Falls Rhode Island FAQs by an RI Attorney

Question: When I meet my personal injury attorney for the first time, are there any specific documents I should bring with me?

Answer: You should provide your attorney with as much information as possible. If your lawyer has more information, they can better advise you on your legal rights. You must bring all the documentation related to your case. The accident report is a very important document that you should bring to your lawyer. Article by Attorney David Slepkow (401) 437-1100.

If you have eyewitness testimony or medical records or reports from your doctors, you should provide them to your attorney. If you have photos of the accident or your injury, please bring them with you to the attorney appointment. If you do not have the documents, your lawyer can collect the documents for you.

Question: What type of information will the attorney request at the initial consultation regarding my personal injury or automobile accident in Rhode Island?

Answer: Your attorney will request general information about your medical treatment. The lawyer will try to create a list with the names and addresses of all treating doctors and service providers. This includes physical therapists, chiropractors, visiting nurses, and other medical providers. The attorney may also ask you for a list of previous medical providers.

Question: What usually happens at the first meeting:

Answer: Your chosen personal injury attorney will tell you if you have a valid legal claim. If you decide to hire this lawyer, the lawyer will ask you to sign a guardianship agreement. The guardianship contract is an important legal document that a lawyer must obtain. At the initial consultation, it is extremely difficult for your lawyer to tell you the value of your case. The value of your case depends on many factors, including the amount of your medical bills and the nature and extent of your pain and suffering. The value may depend on whether your injury is permanent or not, whether or not there have been periods of partial or total disability, whether or not there have been disfigurements, scars or other physical injuries, and the amount of your lost wages, etc.

After you have completed treatment or reached a certain point in your medical treatment, the attorney will submit a settlement application to the insurance adjuster with all relevant medical records and paperwork. If the insurance company believes the claim is valid and the adjuster and attorney can agree on a number, the case will be settled out of court. Despite the fact that the attorney will try to settle the case, the attorney prepares the case in case the case is not settled.

Question: What is necessary to have a valid personal injury case?

Answer: If you were injured by the negligence or intentional act of another person or entity, then you have potential cause for a personal injury claim. Personal injury does not always have to be involved in a personal injury claim. A personal injury claim may be pursued on the basis of damaging your reputation or intentionally inflicting emotional distress.

Question: What exactly is a Settlement in a Personal Injury Claim?

Answer: If you are resolving a Rhode Island personal injury auto accident or slip and fall case, you agree to accept an amount of money in exchange for either not pursuing a personal injury claim against the person or company, or for dismissing a personal injury case against a person or corporation. If the case is resolved, you will be required to sign a release letter, releasing all parties from any potential future liability. To determine whether or not you should accept a personal injury settlement, your attorney must evaluate the amount of damage you have suffered, the likelihood that you will prevail in court, and any other factors the attorney believes are appropriate.

A settlement may be reached at any time prior to the filing of the complaint or after the complaint is filed and at any time prior to the jury’s verdict. The case can even be settled after the trial if the case is on appeal.

At Slepkow, Slepkow & Associates, Inc., it is our philosophy that whether or not to accept a personal injury settlement is the client’s choice. We will surely help you make that decision by providing all the essential information and answering any relevant questions you may have. We often make our recommendation as to whether a settlement is fair or not. We always leave the final decision to our clients as to whether or not to accept a Personal Injury or Auto Accident settlement.

Question: What if I am unhappy with the attorney handling my case? Do I have the right to a new attorney in Rhode Island? If I get a new attorney, who will pay for the legal services provided by the old attorney?

Answer: If you are dissatisfied with the legal representation of your attorney in Rhode Island (RI), you have the right to hire a new attorney at any time. Your old attorney may have a statutory lien against your personal injury case. If you prevail or the case is settled, your old attorney is entitled to be paid for the legal services he provided. However, you don’t have to pay the old attorney if you get a new attorney. When your case is resolved or you receive monies as a result of a judgment, the old and new attorneys will share the legal fees incurred fairly. In other words, it won’t cost you any extra money when hiring a new lawyer. The old and new attorneys must agree on the fair share that the old attorney should receive.

Question: Is it a good idea to wait a certain amount of time before hiring a lawyer?

Answer: You should contact a Rhode Island personal injury attorney immediately after the accident. It is not a good idea for a person to deal with the insurance adjuster about their personal injury or auto accident claim.

Question: Am I obliged to provide the insurance company with a recorded statement if they so request?

Answer: There is no legal obligation for you to make a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster. However, if the insurance company is your own insurance company, you may be contractually required to provide a logged statement. You should not make any statement unless you have legal counsel and you should request a copy of the transcript.

Question: What types of cases are typically processed on a contingency fee basis?

Answer: Auto/auto accidents, slips and falls, trips and falls, building liability, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, boat accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, wrongful death, uninsured or underinsured, motorist claims, intentional infliction of emotional distress, dog bite claims, etc

A car tested by history

A car tested by history, the Corvette was tested by time and from the racing history of its lineage this car has without a doubt stood up to every test it’s put through, oh yeah it’s had its downtime, that’s what it said 1980s for the Corvette, and a lot of people wondered if it was going to make a comeback, you could say it did just that.

Every car goes through its bumps, its design flaws and its makeovers, the Corvette is one of the best examples of durability an automaker has ever seen, usually sports cars and muscle cars come and go, but the Corvette has never gone anywhere yet it seems simply standing the test of time and evolving into an ever better car.

You might say what about the Mustang while bragging about cars that stand the test of time, the Corvette came out eleven years before the Mustang, just to prove that theory, the Mustang was introduced to compete with the Corvette to compete. and the Corvette was simply the better car in many ways, handling, performance and most other tests it ran beating the Mustang.

The Corvette has a fantastic history, the Chevrolet Motor Company, in 1953 Chevrolet hired Zora Arkus Duntov to design the Corvette and he did that, he was the lead engineer on the Corvette project and he got them to do some amazing things Continue to update amazing people.

Zora joined General Motors in 1953 after seeing the Motorama Corvette in New York. Maybe it was just fate that Zora was among the thousands of people who attended the GM event. Zora thought the car looked great but was disappointed with what was underneath. He wrote Chevrolet chief engineer Ed Cole that working on such a beautiful car would be his compliment; He also included a technical paper that proposed an analytical method for determining a car’s top speed. Chevrolet was so impressed that engineer Maurice Olley invited him to Detroit. On May 1, 1953, Zora Arkus-Duntov joined Chevrolet as an assistant staff engineer.

In 1963, Zora started the Gran Sport program. The original idea captured the interest and imagination of Corvette fans around the world. The idea was to develop a special lightweight Corvette weighing only 1,800 pounds and race it on an international circuit not only against Cobras and other GT class cars, but also against prototypes from Ferrari, Ford and Porsche. Power for the Grand Sport was to come from an aluminum version of the small-block V8 fitted with special twin-plug cylinder heads. At 377ci, power was expected to be 550 hp at 6,400 rpm. But as is often the case, GM policy banned Zora from racing, but not before five Grand Sports were built. The five Grand Sports eventually fell into the hands of private owners, and Zora somehow found a way to support them despite the official ban.

Zora retired in 1975, handing the reins to Dave McLellan. At 81, Zora Arkus-Duntov was still passionate and opinionated about his car, the Corvette. In the time between Zora’s retirement and his death, his legend grew. Whenever something happened to Corvette, Zora was there. A member of the Drag Racing Hall of Fame, the Chevrolet Legends of Performance and the Automotive Hall of Fame, Zora attended the launch of the 1 millionth Corvette at Bowling Green in 1992. He also drove the bulldozer at the groundbreaking ceremonies for the National Corvette Museum in 1994. Six weeks before his death, Zora was a guest speaker on “Corvette: A Celebration of an American Dream,” an evening held at the Jack Cauley Chevrolet Detroit showrooms . That night was Dave McLellen and current Corvette chief engineer Dave Hill, but no one could argue that Zora stole the show from everyone.

In 1966 Chevrolet had a brain fracture and built a beast called the L88 Corvette which had a factory rating of 435hp which was a serious understatement, the car was producing closer to 600hp, in 1967 the Corvette would once again prove itself by winning the 24 Hours of Lemans proving against the likes of Porsche and Ferrari, this time he would find global recognition and become a real player in the world of sports cars, the US was finally with the big boys. The Corvette had made a huge impact on the racing world.

This car rivaled the best the Europeans had to offer, it would skyrocket Chevrolet’s sales, it had surpassed Chevrolet’s wildest dreams, and it qualified in two categories, a sports car and a muscle car Corvette had done what no other American car had ever done before, the L88 Corvette was truly a car to behold.

And that wasn’t the end of the amazing feats for this very special car, in 1969 a slip happened at the Chevrolet manufacturing plant when they were building two very special cars for some of the big wigs at Chevrolet Motor Division, these cars were never intended for the be released to the general public, they were built to compete on the track and were really race cars, not street cars.

The slip would allow these two cars to leave the factory and be sold in two of Chevrolet’s showrooms. I don’t know what showrooms they were but these cars were called ZL1 Corvettes and a white Corvettes was built and a yellow Saturn, the yellow was auctioned after the government seized it in a drug bust, it went at auction for 500,000 dollars.

The Zl1 Corvette was rated at 450hp from the factory but estimates put it closer to a honest 670hp making this the most powerful car ever built during that era and as you can imagine these cars are one A lot of money worth if you could find one today they came from the factory with a roll bar and lots of other racing attire as they were meant for racing.

Air Conditioner Blows Hot or Warm on One Side – Free Auto Air Conditioning Help

Car air conditioners that blow warm on one side and cold on the other usually have one of two problems. In this short article on auto repairs, a master mechanic shares his experiences working on air conditioning systems in Florida over the past few decades. This free information can be just as helpful to the do-it-yourselfer as it is to the consumer who knows the value of being informed when dealing with auto repair shops. Read on for free car air conditioner help when air is blowing warm on ONE side.

Typically, cars that blow cold on one side of the dashboard and warm on the other are typically equipped with a dual-zone climate control system. Two-zone systems allow the driver and front passenger to adjust the respective temperature to their comfort level. There are two common causes of a temperature difference when both sides are set to their coldest settings. Let’s cover the first one.

Low Refrigerant

Car air conditioners that use 134A typically contain a small amount of refrigerant compared to older cars that use R12. Car and truck air conditioning systems today are much more efficient than their older counterparts. The fact that 134A systems use less Freon means that a leak can affect the performance of an HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) system more quickly. Due to the design of dual AC systems, low refrigerant levels are the primary cause of drastic temperature differences from one side of the dash to the other. Even experienced auto mechanics will be surprised to learn that as little as 4 to 8 ounces of 134A can make such a big difference. The temperature from the left vent to the right vent can vary by 10 to 20 degrees. The easiest way is to top up the system, or even better, remove all freon and charge the device with the factory specified amount. In most cases, after the right load of freon is in the car, the temp will be equally cold on BOTH sides, as it should!

What if that didn’t help? Read on to learn about another possible cause of the problem.

HVAC door problem

The use of small doors within the HVAC enclosure achieves two zones that deliver different temperatures from vents on either side of the dashboard. By controlling the doors, the temperature of the air on the left and right can be adjusted to the desired level of comfort. Often the motor (or actuator) that controls the door for both sides can fail, or the door itself can break and prevent the temperature. from being adjusted. Diagnosing this problem is more complex and may be a topic for another article. Thank you for reading. Hopefully the free information provided here will help solve the problem of “air conditioner gets hot or warm from one side of dashboard”.

Really Cheap Car Insurance Tips – What Can You Do To Get Cheaper Deals?

Car insurance can be an expensive bill for many people each month. Some people can hardly afford it, or worse – try not to, even though it’s illegal to do so. Trying to get really cheap car insurance is something motorists put a lot of time and effort into. While using a site that offers deals and comparison tools can be helpful, not all are created equal. Even if you use such a site, you might not get the low deals you want.

To get cheaper quotes, here are a few tips and “hacks” to get auto insurance quotes:

• Understand the factors that affect the types of policies and rates you receive. While many factors vary from one company to another, there are some that are always considered: your driving practice and history, age, model and make of vehicle you drive, city and state, how often you use the vehicle you drive want to insure and creditworthiness. Some factors, such as where you live and your age, cannot be changed. For those who can, make improvements as best you can.

• Look for all possible discounts. For example, if you have close family in the military, you may be able to get reduced auto insurance even because of “affinity discounts.” In some areas you can get discounts by taking driving safety courses. Also look for location-specific and company-specific coupons.

More tips for really cheap car insurance

• Try adding a more experienced driver with a clean driving history to your policy. If you’re under 25 or have a bad driver’s license, it might be in your best interest to ask a family member with a clean driver’s license and more experience to join your policy. If they are ok with this, do NOT let them down and do not make mistakes because following the same policies as you could hurt their own bottom line.

• Know what to look for when using websites that offer really cheap car insurance deals. The lowest offer you get may not be the best depending on what it does and doesn’t cover. You could end up paying more money in the long run if you choose the wrong type of policy. Understand what type(s) of coverage each offer includes and decide if you really need it all or if you can do without any. On the other hand, make sure you don’t lack anything you need.

Whenever you think you’re ready to start looking for really cheap car insurance, use a quality, reliable website. A site recommended by many people is Esurance. All kinds of discounts are available, so check if you qualify for any of them.

Recycling of electric car batteries

As automakers continue to battle the electric car race, some are wondering where batteries will go when they reach the end of their automotive useful life. Simply dumping batteries in landfills doesn’t help the environment and certainly won’t appeal to automakers or consumers. To address this issue, several major automakers in the electric car race have partnered with companies knowledgeable about electricity and energy to devise ways to recycle and reuse obsolete electric car batteries and their energy.

General Motors has announced it is working with Swiss company ABB, a leader in power and automation technologies and the world’s largest supplier of power grid systems, to develop a plan to reuse batteries from the Chevrolet Volt. The companies will develop several pilot projects and study the Volt’s 16 kWh lithium-ion batteries to see how the second-life automotive batteries can be used to provide power grid storage systems. During the pilots, the companies will explore renewable energy storage, grid load management, community backup power and time-of-use management.

According to GM Executive Director of Electrical Systems, Micky Bly, “Volt’s battery will have significant capacity to store electrical energy even after its car life.” That means that after the eight-year or 100,000-mile warranty offered for the Volt, the battery still has energy that can be used for other purposes if the car battery is recycled. Therefore, GM’s ultimate goal, through its ABB partnership, is to find a cost-effective solution that optimizes the entire battery lifecycle and improves the efficiency of the country’s power grid.

Another automaker that has started exploring ways to recycle electric batteries is Nissan. Nissan has entered into a joint venture with Sumitomo Corporation to research used lithium-ion batteries. The joint venture, dubbed 4R Energy, aims to “reuse, resell, refabricate and recycle” the electric batteries that power the Nissan Leaf.

The Company is expected to conduct demonstration testing and a commercialization study while working towards developing a business utilizing second life cycle lithium-ion batteries.

Finally, California electric car maker Tesla Motors has begun a research project with SolarCity, a national leader in solar design and installation, and the University of California, Berkley, to explore the potential of aging electric car batteries. The trio is developing a system that combines Tesla’s electric car battery system with SolarCity’s monitoring platform to produce an advanced grid-interactive photovoltaic (PV) and stationary storage product that can be installed in buildings. The idea is that the battery storage created will collect excess PV energy that the utility can use instead of using power plants with larger emissions.

So, as the electric car race rages on, it looks like General Motors, Nissan, and Tesla Motors will all be entering the electric car battery race as well. With ideas as big as renewable energy storage, smart grids and providing backup power for buildings, who knows where the second life of electric car batteries will end up.

What are the advantages of car detailing?

If you are a new car owner, you may not be familiar with car detailing. In this article we will talk about the importance and benefits of car detailing. Unlike a car wash, this type of service can extend the life and quality of your vehicle. These services are not just limited to the exterior or interior of your car. Without further ado, let’s look at some of the benefits of auto detailing.

removal of impurities

Even after washing your car and removing dirt, there are still some contaminants left on the paintwork. Some of these items contain sap and tar that can stick to the clear coat of paint. You can seriously damage the paintwork. Typically, professionals use a clay bar to remove these contaminants.

Depending on the type of substance, they can also use other types of solvents. For example, if there is mineral residue on your car paint, they may use a low pH solution to remove it.

scratches and swirls

Scratches and swirls can also damage your car’s paintwork. These are due to improper use of express washers and buffers. As a car owner, they can be quite frustrating for you. Choosing the right level of detailing can eliminate those scratches and swirls.

Professionals can use paint polish and random orbit polishers to fix the problem areas. This will give your vehicle that shiny look again. It will look like new again.

Protect the color

After cleaning and polishing your car, be sure to apply a clear coat for added protection. Typically the best solution is to opt for a carnauba based wax. The great thing about this solution is that it can last up to 3 months.

Alternatively, you can buy a paint sealer. It comes with a lifespan of up to 12 months. And it can hide most kinds of imperfections in your car. If you are looking for the best choice, we recommend that you go for a nano-ceramic polymer coating. It can form a thick sacrificial layer on your car and provide protection for up to 2 years.

Extend the life of your vehicle interior

After you have taken all the necessary steps to protect the exterior of your car, we recommend that you take care of the interior. So you need to remove the embedded pet hair and water stains from the fabric of your seats. If you have leather upholstery, we recommend you clean it properly.

You can also use different types of products to remove stains from carpets. For example, you can invest in enzyme cleaners and quality degreasers. If you choose the right car detailing, you can enjoy many benefits. For example, your vehicle looks attractive and is also protected from the weather. It can also improve the resale value of your vehicle.

If you want to maintain the quality and performance of your car, we recommend hiring the services of the best car detailing service. A clean vehicle offers a better ride. You can also try a mobile auto detailing service. They use special tools and chemicals to ensure your car is cleaned properly.

Saves money

Because auto detailing can extend the life of your vehicle by protecting it from the elements, it can save you a lot of money down the road. For example, you don’t have to have your car repainted. This can help you save thousands of dollars. In addition, car detailing can maintain the value of your vehicle over a longer period of time. Therefore, we recommend you to take the services of the best service.

In a nutshell, this was a brief description of some of the most common benefits of auto-detailing. If you have never tried these services, now is the time to do so. All you have to do is engage the services of a reliable service provider and you are good to go.

Classic Car Loans – Classic Car Restoration

How do you find a financial services provider that lends to all types of classic, antique, muscle, sports, luxury, and exotic automobiles. With the advent of the internet, classic car loans have become much easier for the classic car enthusiast to find a loan company to help them finance their classic car purchase. The difficulty of finding a lender is as simple as a mouse click. It is all the easier to get a classic car loan.

Not every agency offers a classic car loan. However, dealers have reservations about the definition of the classic car model. The credit criteria are the same as for a new car. Auto loan approvals are very quick and easy even with bad credit and as you will soon see, even with difficult credit problems there is hope. One needs to understand the exact price being paid for the vehicle (full financing would be costly), the components are a) the amount you wish to finance b) the borrowing costs you will have to bear, known as the classic car financing fee , c) the APR, which is the main angle that can give you a pinch, and the d) the total selling price (the sum of the monthly payments with the deposit).

If you are looking for someone to finance your classic car, take a look at specialist lenders that deal with classic car financing. Therefore, they have interest rates at a more reasonable rate than that of a regular lender. Also, they have a better idea of ​​what your car is worth. This will help you avoid having to provide a lot of additional documentation to prove your classic car is worth the amount you want to finance it for. You could also benefit from these lenders in the form of additional loan money for restoration.

There are other difficult situations that many people face when trying to get a car loan such as: B. Self-employment, short hours, unestablished credit, or first-time buyers. Although bad credit car loans can help people with bad credit, there are also problems that people who don’t have bad credit run into. Bad credit auto loans are available nationwide for all vehicle types, and online approval is the first step to buying a new or used vehicle.

As banks approve financing for new cars, their interest rates on classic car loans will likely be slightly higher than that of a specialist lender. You will also need to submit additional documentation to prove your car is worth the amount you are renting. The blue book value of a very old car will be next to nothing, so you need to show that either its improvements or its restoration have increased the car’s value. This makes your loan less risky because it is well prepared.

Refinance a car loan – it couldn’t be easier

Refinancing a car loan has now become very easy to get and very convenient. Since most lenders offering online loans will approve (or deny) your application in less than a day – in many cases you will get a response in less than an hour – you no longer have to queue or wait. In no time after completing your online loan application, you can be on your way, check in hand, to pay off your outstanding loan.

You may want to consider a car loan refinance if it costs you less. The dig rate is never stable and will fluctuate up and down over time. So if the interest rate on your car loan was significantly higher at the time of purchase than it is now and you still have a significant balance outstanding, you should consider refinancing.

Very often, the interest rate that you will be granted depends heavily on your creditworthiness. People with excellent credit are generally offered better rates than people with poor credit. So, if your credit score has improved a lot since you took out the loan and you still have a significant outstanding balance, you should consider negotiating with the lenders for a better interest rate or getting a car loan refinance.

If you filed for bankruptcy and then got a car loan, the interest rate would have been significantly higher than usual. This is because you would have been considered a carrier of a high risk factor. Now, assuming you’ve done your homework reasonably well – so well that your credit score jumped from bad to very good – this will be another reason to refinance a car loan.

At the time of this writing, much of the world – indeed the United States – is in something of an economic turmoil as rising gasoline and food prices are fueling a rise in the overall cost of living. This can negatively impact your savings and give you another option to refinance.

Regardless of the reason – and there can be many – there are some basics you should always keep in mind:

  • Due to the easy availability of information, the market is trending in favor of the farmer – despite fluctuating interest rates. You should always try to use this to your advantage by looking for the best auto loan refinance package.

  • Your creditworthiness is too important an issue to ignore and can determine the extent to which you have the upper hand in your personal financial endeavors. You should therefore maintain and protect it by always knowing what is happening to your credit history.

  • Never underestimate the power or value of good budgeting in any of your financial endeavors. budget good!!

The 5 most important advantages of a tinted car window

Regular tuning and maintenance is vital for your car’s engine. But have you ever looked at the windows of your vehicle? What do you think of the window film aka window tinting? According to most car owners, it just makes their vehicle look beautiful. However, the fact is that window tinting also offers a number of functional advantages. In this article, we take a look at the 5 benefits of tinting. Read on to find out more.

1. Protects the upholstery

Since your car is quite expensive, make sure it can stand the test of time. In other words, if you want to protect your investment, we recommend having your windows tinted by a professional. Although you can reduce sun damage by parking your car in the shade, it doesn’t offer complete protection.

Therefore, it is a good idea to opt for a window film. It can prevent your car interior from cracking and warping. Therefore, your car will look like new for years. Besides, this kind of treatment can also block cracks in the windshield, so you don’t get tired while driving.

2. Blocks the UV rays

According to experts, tinted car windows can filter out 99% of the sun’s UV rays. Long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays can increase your risk of cancer and skin aging. Actually these are rays of the sun or some kind of electromagnetic radiation.

Failure to protect your skin from UV rays can result in sun damage, dark skin, skin cancer and premature aging. Even if you buy a clear window film, you can block both the UVB and UVA rays of the sun.

3. Helps block solar heat

If you’re having trouble adjusting the air conditioning for everyone in your car, window tinting can solve the problem in Philadelphia. Based on the grid, the window film can easily block between 35% and 65% of the sun’s heat.

Therefore, it becomes easier for you to adjust climate control settings for everyone in your car. Apart from that, it can also help you in reducing your car’s fuel consumption.

4. Provides protection from broken glass

We cannot underestimate the safety benefits of tinting your windows. Above all, tinted windows do not shatter in the event of an accident. Therefore, you are protected from the tiny glass splinters of the windshield.

It also makes it harder for thieves and burglars to break through the glass and steal something from your car.

5. Provides privacy and security

Finally, you can choose from a variety of shades to enjoy a high level of privacy and security for the passengers sitting behind you. Therefore, you can park your car anywhere without worrying about prying eyes.

In short, these are some of the five benefits of tinting your car windows. Hopefully these tips will help you make an informed decision.

How do I buy a car from a police confiscated lot?

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